Social Recruiting

24Jan 2015

Blogs are gaining ground as an emerging and rapidly growing social communication medium. There are over 156 million public blogs in existence, and this number is increasing by the seconds. The word “blog” stands for ‘web log’ and it is a form of an online diary usually focused on particular topics or interests. A blog […]

10Jan 2015

To a social media rookie, Twitter is a hard nut to crack. They just don’t get it. In simple terms, Twitter ‘forces’ you to learn how to communicate and share insightful ideas in tweets, which are no more than 140 characters. Actually, Twitter is the simplest of the social networks. The simplicity of Twitter makes […]

14Nov 2014

Jegede Johnson (JJ for short) was so excited he was called by a business consult just few hours after he submitted his CV on their online portal. But his excitement went down when the consultant informed him that he had been shortlisted for an “assessment centre.” In JJ’s mind, he asked, ‘What the heck is […]

16Oct 2014

Every organisation is always in the business of recruitment. On the other hand, potential employees are on the lookout for employment opportunities from organisations that require their skills and competences. The traditional approach is the usual hardcopy job advert and hardcopy job application. Nowadays this trend can be said to be completely non-existent. Who needs […]

01Oct 2014

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 marked Nigeria’s 54th Independence ceremonial and I spent the day at The Enterprise Development Program organized by The Catholic Young Adults Association (CYAA), Our Lady Mother and Queen Catholic Church, Badore Ajah. At the event, I facilitated a session titled “Building Employability and Career Development” with about 100 job seekers in attendance. It […]

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