Social Recruiting

12Nov 2012

Twitter, to many, is a ‘hard-nut to crack’, they just don’t get it. In simple term, twitter ‘forces’ you to learn how to communicate and share insightful ideas in tweets, which are no more than 140 characters. Actually, twitter is the ‘simplest’ of the social networks. The above opening quote is an excerpt from an earlier post on SocialMeep […]

05Nov 2012

In simple terms, Social Recruiting is the effective use of Social Media or Social Networks by employers to attract, source, engage with and hire candidates. It is a relatively new concept which HR professionals in most parts of the world are using to support their recruitment efforts. At best Social Recruiting is expected to support […]

30Oct 2012

For simplicity LinkedIn can be described as ‘Facebook for professionals’. Funny definition right? Yes, its intentional… If you are a professional and you want to be known for what you are good at, then you need a LinkedIn professional profile today. Being on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to access over 175 million professionals who […]

23Oct 2012

Recruiting is all about building relationships and finding the right people.  Social networks provide a ‘perfect’ meeting point for relationships to be started and built. Hence, Social Recruiting come to the rescue! Recruiting is all about building relationships and finding the right people. Social networking sites (most especially LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) have made the job […]

20Oct 2012

Social Recruiting is NOT a completely new concept in the global Human Resources space but in Nigeria it may be NEW! Social media has become an indispensable tool for companies leveraging it to generate sales, increase brand awareness and build communities around their brands. It offers companies a way to connect and engage with consumers, […]

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