Social Recruiting

31Jan 2013

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for recruiters to build connections with top talent around the world. Follow these five key tips to optimize your presence on LinkedIn and make the most of the world’s largest professional network. 1. It all starts with your profile Your profile is your first opportunity to build your personal brand […]

18Dec 2012

Permit me to start today’s post with this words – it has been an interesting Social Recruiting blogging journey for me on SocialMeep.Com for the past 8 weeks. We have learned quite a lot thus far. If you missed any of my previous post, you can read them all here… We have been able to established that “at best Social Recruiting is expected […]

03Dec 2012

According to a recent CareerBuilder publication using social media recruiting has a lot of benefits. Highlighted below are the top 7 of such benefits: 1. Better Candidate Quality: social media recruiting brings recruiters/hiring managers to encounter candidates who frequently use social networks are not only tech-savvy, but they can keep up with the trend toward social media. These […]

26Nov 2012

The creative use of social media in your job search will greatly increase the number of job opportunities that you will become aware of. The Social media rave is gradually becoming a force to recon with, as it is almost becoming a ‘game-changer’, a form of ‘competitive advantage’ of some sort and its influence cut across […]

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