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15Apr 2015

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015 I was a Conference resource person at the 2015 RCCG Admin Officers & Computer Secretaries Conference #RCCGAdministratorsConference held at the RCCG Youth Centre, Redemption Camp. At the conference I delivered a presentation titled “Human Resource Development and Solution Using Social Media Platforms” to over 350 Admin Officers and Computer Secretaries […]

20Feb 2015

A few months ago, my iPunch article entitled ‘Fresh graduates: Unemployed or unemployable?’ was published and I received some emails and shout-out on it. Today’s article is a follow-up to it. Every organisation has a fundamental unique purpose it aims to achieve, which sets it apart from other competitors. For a successful actualisation of this […]

01Aug 2014

Hello all, the wait is over

As “CORPORATE MISFIT: Lessons for Fresh Graduates” is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. All you have to do is read till the end of this post for download instructions

Definition of a Misfit…

Noun: someone or something that doesn’t fit in, or that is different from the rest.

Who should Read Corporate Misfit?

Many fresh graduates in Nigeria fall into the class of individuals that this eBook is specifically meant for. It is my hope that many who come across it would benefit greatly by acting on the words contained therein.

Are you one of those that studied courses they were ‘given’ or ‘made’ to study and not one they chose? Do you often think you are a ‘Misfit’ and that you’ve reached the end of your job search? I have news for you; there is hope for you! Just make sure to get a copy of this eBook.

30Jul 2014

Starting in few minutes. #Audacity2Lead twitter hangout with @iamDayoSamuel cc: @iamemekanobis @careerwisenig — Segun Akiode, ACIPM (@segunakiode) July 27, 2014 #Audacity2Lead twitter hangout 2day at 3pm – "Technology & Social Media Meets HR" cc: @iamDayoSamuel @Therapistjones — Segun Akiode, ACIPM (@segunakiode) July 27, 2014 RT @Therapistjones: @iamDayoSamuel @segunakiode is a talent acquisition specialist, […]

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