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24Jun 2017

Prospective graduates must possess certain irreducible minimum qualities to be able to have an edge in the job market, a Chemical Engineer cum Career and Employability Coach, Mr. Segun Akiode, has declared. Speaking at the March 2017 edition of the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, where he delivered […]

02Jul 2016

Many individuals often do not realize that their career decisions are sometimes taken unconsciously. And this trend only get confirmed during career coaching sessions. When the subject of career decisions or choices comes to mind, one fundamental fact must be accepted – A choice is, most often, nothing more than a best guess – a […]

13Jun 2016

In the study of science, physical laws are sets of theoretical principles that are generally accepted, proven scientifically and are universally acceptable. A good example is gravitational law; it is no respecter of geographical location or skin colour; it holds true anywhere on planet earth. With this in mind, I want to make a statement […]

09Jun 2016

Foreword By Jimi Tewe “Getting a Job is one thing but getting the right job is something very few people actually achieve in life. It seemed clear to me as I read this book that Segun had done his research and combined his experience to deliver a solution that will help thousands of young graduates. […]

01Jun 2016

Few years back when I started my very first job in HR Consulting, fresh from NYSC, I was faced with a number of question that any ‘rookie job holder’ would ask. Some of such questions were – How do I make a success out of this new job? How do I make a lasting impression […]

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