27Feb 2014

Hello I’m so excited 🙂 to present Nuggets4Nobles to you. Nuggets4Nobles is an inspirational cum motivational not-for-profit outfit. It’s primary theme is “…awakening the giant in you!” Nuggets4Nobles is ‘my baby’ which I have nurtured for the past 10 years. It started as a column in a youth magazine then it became a WordPress blog […]

29Jan 2014

When I started my very first job fresh from NYSC few years back, I was faced with lots of question that any ‘rookie job holder’ would ask. Some of such questions were – How do I make a success out of this new job? How do I make a lasting impression on my new employer? How do […]

07Jan 2014

Companies count on many resources to make their businesses grow and thrive. While you may rely on cutting-edge technology or industry-standard practices and techniques, the most important component of your company’s success is the people you work with. The skills and talents that such employees bring to the table cannot be replaced easily and the […]

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