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In my experience as a recruiter, it is almost common place for me to ask everyone I interview what their career motivation is? Many often don’t have a clue of what their own unique answer is. Let me add that everyone is not the same, so our internal motivations would definitely differ. On the other hand, I have seen a common trend which made me pen my thoughts and such has birthed today’s post. Hence, I need to ask you – What is your career motivation – Passion or Pay? To help you find possible insights to answer this question, please continue reading.

The term motivation often is used to explain decisions and behaviours that cannot be explained by ability alone. Motivation is concerned with the direction, arousal, amplitude, and persistence of an individual’s behaviour. Career motivation encompasses a wide range of career decisions and behaviour.

The above is an excerpt from my post on Jobberman.com Blog titled “What is Your Career Motivation – Passion or Pay?” which was published this week. Kindly read it here and drop your comments. Cheers :-)

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