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Prospective graduates must possess certain irreducible minimum qualities to be able to have an edge in the job market, a Chemical Engineer cum Career and Employability Coach, Mr. Segun Akiode, has declared.

Speaking at the March 2017 edition of the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, where he delivered a lecture on the topic, ‘Campus to Corporate’, Engr. Akiode emphasized how important it is for young people to do a reality check before taking major decisions that shape their lives.

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The Guest Speaker, who is a Lead Strategist at Crescita Consult, Lagos, described Campus life is a make-believe world, which in reality does not exist.

“The Corporate world is a completely different ball game from campus life. Transitioning from Campus life to corporate life requires a paradigm shift i.e. a change of mindset. Sadly, many fresh graduates are not prepared for the corporate world and they are unconsciously planning to be corporate misfits,” he stated.

Engr. Akiode defined a corporate misfit, as anyone who falls short of corporate expectations, with an obvious vacuum in the knowledge of business reality and lacks essential knowledge, skills and attitude needed to fit into the corporate world.

According to him, the first thing the students should do is self-discovery, as graduating from the campus and transiting to the corporate world without the realization of who they are, is planning to fail in their career journey. “You need to be able to talk about yourself, know who you are, and know your interests, skills, values and personality type,” he explained.

Competence, said Engr. Akiode, is the ability of an individual to do a job properly and a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, while employability is about having the capability to gain initial employment, maintain employment and obtain new employment if required.

Employability depends on the knowledge, skills and attitudes individuals possess as well as how they use it, he added.

***The above is an extract from the main article as published on the Covenant University website***

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