25Feb 2012

…segunakiode.com is yet another ‘experiment’ embarked on to further be a source of impact to my world. This is not just a website but ‘an experience’… Lets start by giving a breif bio of the brain behind segunakiode.com …meet Segun Akiode.  Segun Akiode has a passion for knowledge sharing and he is committed to personal development and making […]

14Feb 2012

Hello everyone, since November 2011 I have been guest blogging for Jobberman.com Blog as my work schedule permitted. I must add that its been a real blogging experience for me so far. Earlier this morning, yet another of my guest post tagged How To Best Negotiate Salary With Employer was published on Jobberman.com Blog. Please go read it now and let […]

26Jan 2012

Social media is not a new concept to many; it is what is in vogue now, the ‘in thing’. People find it even more comfortable to send you a Facebook invite, follow you on twitter or ask for your BB pin than ask for your mobile number these days. You know what I mean? For […]

30Nov 2011

In the study of science, physical laws are sets of theoretical principles that are generally accepted, proven scientifically and are universally acceptable. A good example is gravitational law; it is no respecter of geographical location or skin colour; it holds true anywhere on planet earth. With this in mind, I want to make a statement […]

23Aug 2011

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