20Feb 2017

Few weeks ago, I was on Unilag FM Lagos to discuss “Securing and Sustaining Your Career as An Employee”. The radio show was very interesting as I had a great time with Deborah. This is the first Part of the radio show interview. In this episode, you’ll discover: Who an Employee and an Employer is […]

06Feb 2017

Welcome to my very first podcast episode for 2017, though coming a little late but it is worth the wait 🙂  On today’s episode of the podcast, I shared on how my first 31 Days of 2017 had being. And centered it on “Perception”, that is why the episode is titled “Career Perception: What Do […]

12Dec 2016

On today’s episode of the podcast I shared on a gratitude topic titled – “Celebrating The Small Victories in Your Career”. Opening quote by Kara Goucher – “Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will eventually add up to something great.” Many times in life we often focus on what is not working and forget […]

05Dec 2016

Today’s episode of the podcast is a form of admonition topic, it is titled “Take Responsibility for Your Career!” As a recruiter, when I interview candidates, fresh graduates most especially, I often ask them why they picked the courses they studied in their respective tertiary institutions. Why do I ask this question? It is a […]

28Nov 2016

Today’s episode of the podcast is a follow-up to an earlier episode on Self Discovery, I have titled this – “Your Personality and Your Career”. The term “personality” refers to a person’s patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. It has to do with individual differences among people – differences in behavioural patterns, cognition and emotion. […]

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