28Feb 2014

Good Morning 🙂 Facebook commendations ahead of Nuggets4Nobles brand launch: “Great. May the nobles come. May they be nurtured from here. Thank you for giving to your generation” – Tomide Olukuade, @TomideSpeaking “Let’s do this” – Tomisin Ajiboye, @tomisinajiboye “We are good to go” – Grace Solomon-Festus Alao, @Grace_Festus I have no doubt that there […]

27Feb 2014

Hello I’m so excited 🙂 to present Nuggets4Nobles to you. Nuggets4Nobles is an inspirational cum motivational not-for-profit outfit. It’s primary theme is “…awakening the giant in you!” Nuggets4Nobles is ‘my baby’ which I have nurtured for the past 10 years. It started as a column in a youth magazine then it became a WordPress blog […]

24Feb 2014

Last week was #SocialMediaWeekLagos 2014 and I had the opportunity to attend a couple of events, one of such is the #SMWCareers organized by Careers Solutions, @Careers_Africa. I made a few tweets on the event highlight from the presentation made by Kunle Olaifa, @KunleOlaifa. You would find below some of my tweets and Kunle Olaifa’s […]

07Feb 2014

Hello all, while I was doing my social media rounds today, I ‘stumbled’ into @LBSNigeria TL on twitter and I had to share the following insightful tweets with you all. Happy reading 🙂 #MeetTheCEO is an annual event organized by the #SMELogic #SLA of the Lagos Business School #LBSNigeria — LagosBusinessSchool (@LBSNigeria) February 6, 2014 […]

07Feb 2014

Hello All, a particular issue has been on my mind for a while and I decided to ask it in a question on Facebook and a great conversation started and I had to chronicle it below. Feel free to click below to read the comments made and remember to add your voice to the conversation […]

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