04Aug 2014

Welcome to Episode 2 of Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode. This is a follow-up discussion to Episode 1. In this Episode, you would learn “Who You Are Not?”, “Why Must You Know Who You Are?” and the Key indicators to know who you are. Many individuals don’t know who they are, they often […]

01Aug 2014

Hello all, the wait is over

As “CORPORATE MISFIT: Lessons for Fresh Graduates” is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. All you have to do is read till the end of this post for download instructions

Definition of a Misfit…

Noun: someone or something that doesn’t fit in, or that is different from the rest.

Who should Read Corporate Misfit?

Many fresh graduates in Nigeria fall into the class of individuals that this eBook is specifically meant for. It is my hope that many who come across it would benefit greatly by acting on the words contained therein.

Are you one of those that studied courses they were ‘given’ or ‘made’ to study and not one they chose? Do you often think you are a ‘Misfit’ and that you’ve reached the end of your job search? I have news for you; there is hope for you! Just make sure to get a copy of this eBook.

30Jul 2014

Starting in few minutes. #Audacity2Lead twitter hangout with @iamDayoSamuel cc: @iamemekanobis @careerwisenig pic.twitter.com/t4SOdSJI7K — Segun Akiode, ACIPM (@segunakiode) July 27, 2014 #Audacity2Lead twitter hangout 2day at 3pm – "Technology & Social Media Meets HR" cc: @iamDayoSamuel @Therapistjones pic.twitter.com/lYJiVmbP0O — Segun Akiode, ACIPM (@segunakiode) July 27, 2014 RT @Therapistjones: @iamDayoSamuel @segunakiode is a talent acquisition specialist, […]

28Jul 2014

Welcome to Episode 1 of Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode. Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances. This podcast is all about wise career counsel for a better you! This is the very first episode of Career & Employability Talk. In this episode, the […]

27Jul 2014

Few weeks back, my iPunch article titled ‘Fresh Graduates: Unemployed or Unemployable’ was published and I got quite a few emails and shout-out on it. I decided to do a sequel to that article and here it goes.

In my line of work as a recruiter, when I interview candidates, a question I often ask is, “What is your level of computer proficiency?” To this seemingly simple question, various shocking answers come up and the most ridiculous among them is, ‘I am good at browsing and I can chat on BBM.’

Unbelievable, right? Take it from me, when you interview people, expect the worst of answers, but never take it personal.

Back to the discussion. Is browsing the Internet and BlackBerry Messenger chats the same as computer proficiency? After all, how can you browse without a computer connected to the Internet? Follow me please. I’m trying to build a case here.

In today’s 21st century job market, it would be almost impossible to believe that job seekers would exist without having computer proficiency and hope to secure an employment opportunity. With technology changing quickly and constantly, employers worldwide are looking for tech-savvy job candidates for even non-tech related positions. The implication of this trend is that job seekers are required to have relatively strong tech backgrounds and skill sets to stay competitive.

Given the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, a smart job seeker is expected to evolve along with changing technological trend; otherwise, your job search may be dead on arrival!


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