11Apr 2016

This week’s episode of the podcast is titled – “How To Ace A Job Assessment Centre”. I can sure bet a large amount of job seekers don’t have a clue what assessment centres are. They are familiar with interviews after CV submission but no idea what an assessment center is. The term “assessment centre” can […]

04Apr 2016

This week’s episode of the podcast is titled – “Basic Technology Skills Job Seekers Must Possess”. In my line of work, as a recruiter, when I interview candidates, a question often asked is ‘What is your level of computer proficiency?’ To this seemingly simple question, various shocking answers come up most ridiculous among them was […]

28Mar 2016

In this week’s podcast episode titled – “No Such Thing As A Lucky Job”, was devoted to correct a misconception that some are luckier than others in securing a job. Life often becomes a frustration if you are unable to attain what you set out to achieve. In this case, to get employed. There are […]

21Mar 2016

In this week’s podcast episode titled – “Discovering The Hidden Job Market”, I made an exposition on how job seekers can discover the hidden job market. The Job market is usually described as a market in which employers of labour search for employees and employees search for jobs. It is important to note that the […]

14Mar 2016

In this week’s podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosts Opeyemi Awoyemi, Co-founder Jobberman.Com to discuss “Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Graduates”. According to Wikipedia, “Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, i.e. a startup company offering a product, process or service.” In this episode, you’ll discover: That entrepreneurship is the path less traveled and […]

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