15Nov 2017
The Rookie HR Show with Segun Akiode

On today’s episode of The Rookie HR Show, I shared on “The Human Resources Career Paths“. From my experience, I have discovered that “the more intentional you are in your career the more predictable it is to achieve career success.” In this episode, you will learn: That career development includes defining your own career objectives […]

13Nov 2017

On Today’s podcast episode, I shared on “5 Key Lessons from the Book – The Start-Up of You!”, this is in response to the question young professionals often ask me that ‘what type of books do I read?’ So my book pick for this podcast episode is “The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in […]

30Oct 2017

Today’s podcast is a snippet of my radio interview on The Terabyte Show with Mercy Franck on Kiss FM Lagos where we discussed “How Technology Can Advance Your Career”.  In this episode, you’ll discover: How technology helped me secure my first job in Human Resources How you can use technology to your advantage in your career […]

09Oct 2017

In this podcast episode, I made a compilation of audio answers to the question “What is Your Definition of a Lucrative Job?”. According to Collins Online Dictionary – Lucrative job is job or activity producing a profit or one that is profitable. Synonyms: profitable, rewarding, productive, fruitful. On this episode, you would learn: That perspectives differ […]

04Sep 2017

Today’s podcast episode is a follow up to the salary negotiation tips series of episodes, I shared on “5 Key Factors That Determine What Employers Pay” Earlier episodes in this salary negotiation series of episodes are Episode 7 – Salary Negotiation Tips for Job Seekers and Episode 53 – How To Negotiate Salary With An Employer.  […]

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