09Oct 2017

In this podcast episode, I made a compilation of audio answers to the question “What is Your Definition of a Lucrative Job?”. According to Collins Online Dictionary – Lucrative job is job or activity producing a profit or one that is profitable. Synonyms: profitable, rewarding, productive, fruitful. On this episode, you would learn: That perspectives differ […]

04Sep 2017

Today’s podcast episode is a follow up to the salary negotiation tips series of episodes, I shared on “5 Key Factors That Determine What Employers Pay” Earlier episodes in this salary negotiation series of episodes are Episode 7 – Salary Negotiation Tips for Job Seekers and Episode 53 – How To Negotiate Salary With An Employer.  […]

21Aug 2017

In this podcast episode, I shared from my privileged position as a recruiter on “How to Negotiate Salary with an Employer”. This is a common interview question, employers usually asks job seekers. For you, as a job seeker, to be able to give an appropriate answer to this question, it is important that you understand […]

24Jul 2017

On today’s episode of the podcast I would be sharing on “Where All the Jobs Are Hiding…”. I am 100% sure you are wondering, what do I mean, you would have to listen till the end of the podcast to fully understand. This podcast episode is based on questions job seekers ask me via emails/social media […]

11Jul 2017

On today’s episode of The Rookie HR Show, I concluded the part two of the podcast series on the 10 Rules of Career Success in Human Resources. In this episode, you will learn: That to succeed in the human resources field you need to be Hardworking, Enthusiastic, Passionate and be exceptionally good at something. That […]

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