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Segun Akiode is a Chemical Engineer turned Career & Employability Coach. He is the Author of the fastest selling book "Corporate Misfit: Immutable Career Lessons for Fresh Graduates". He is committed to personal development and making impact in his generation. He desires to die empty with his footprint on the sand of history.

Today’s podcast episode is a follow up to the salary negotiation tips series of episodes, I shared on “5 Key Factors That Determine What Employers Pay” Earlier episodes in this salary negotiation series of episodes are Episode 7 – Salary Negotiation Tips for Job Seekers and Episode 53 – How To Negotiate Salary With An Employer.  […]

In this podcast episode, I shared from my privileged position as a recruiter on “How to Negotiate Salary with an Employer”. This is a common interview question, employers usually asks job seekers. For you, as a job seeker, to be able to give an appropriate answer to this question, it is important that you understand […]

On today’s episode of the podcast I would be sharing on “Where All the Jobs Are Hiding…”. I am 100% sure you are wondering, what do I mean, you would have to listen till the end of the podcast to fully understand. This podcast episode is based on questions job seekers ask me via emails/social media […]

On today’s episode of The Rookie HR Show, I concluded the part two of the podcast series on the 10 Rules of Career Success in Human Resources. In this episode, you will learn: That to succeed in the human resources field you need to be Hardworking, Enthusiastic, Passionate and be exceptionally good at something. That […]

Prospective graduates must possess certain irreducible minimum qualities to be able to have an edge in the job market, a Chemical Engineer cum Career and Employability Coach, Mr. Segun Akiode, has declared. Speaking at the March 2017 edition of the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, where he delivered […]

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