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When I started my very first job fresh from NYSC few years back, I was faced with lots of question that any ‘rookie job holder’ would ask. Some of such questions were – How do I make a success out of this new job? How do I make a lasting impression on my new employer? How do I forge ahead in my new job and career? I went on pondering on them until, my new line manager called me for a meeting on the day of my resumption and what happened back then forms the bedrock of this post.

Line Manager:   Segun welcome to ABC Consulting and we pride ourself as one of the best in the industry due to the fact that we are good at what we do.

Me: thank you Ma.

Line Manager: Over the years we’ve learnt a little bit about what differentiates the truly exceptional performers here at ABC Consulting from the rest. We call them ‘success’ traits and these we plan to hand-over to you to make your job and career with us most fruitful and successful. Please take them to heart and feel free to give each trait your own unique imprint, as we expect nothing less on your journey towards becoming the best of the best here at ABC Consulting. Good luck!

Me: I would sure take them to heart Ma. Thank you once again. (…and I left my line manager’s office with my new handout to success – read its content below).

The above is an excerpt from my post on Jobberman.com Blog titled “7 Rules of Success For Getting Ahead in Your Career” which was published this week. Kindly read it here and drop your comments. Cheers :-)


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