7 Bulletproof Ways To Get Ahead in Your Career


Few years back when I started my very first job in HR Consulting, fresh from NYSC, I was faced with a number of question that any ‘rookie job holder’ would ask. Some of such questions were – How do I make a success out of this new job? How do I make a lasting impression on my new employers? How do I forge ahead in my new job and career? How do I transfer my skills as a chemical engineer into HR consulting?

If you are familiar with my career journey, I read Chemical Engineering but was starting a job in an HR Consulting outfit, so you would understand my obvious inquisitive mind to ask questions. So it was not out of place to ask questions.

Fortunately for me, I got some timely career advice from my line manager at that time. I plan to share same with you today. These were ‘rules of career success’ that are based on many years of observing employees that seem to enjoy a high degree of success and others that flame out quite early on in their careers

Highlighted below are the top 7 of these ‘rules of career success’ that would useful for you in getting ahead in your career journey:

Rule #1: Be a Constant Learner

Any job or career requires knowledge to excel, so this first rule really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. So, rule #1 is all about being willing to engage in 360-degree learning from colleagues, through self-development or the formal and informal training available, and generally taking an interest in the world around us. Google has made learning simple today, so use it! [Tweet theme=”basic-border”]Be a Constant Learner. Google has made learning simple today, so use it! – @segunakiode[/Tweet]

Rule #2: Be Humble

Closely aligned with rule #1, this rule is designed to reinforce the idea that incredible insights can come from the strangest sources… if one remains open-minded enough to see them. Pride would not help you go far in your career, be wise!

Rule #3: Be Pro-Active, Take Responsibility for Your Own Growth and Development

This is a key rule.  You need to take personal responsibility for your progress both within an organization and life in general.  This rule also demands that you accept that if you want things to improve, you are going to have to play your part in making things better. This rule urges you to strive to be the very best that you can be.  It really is a very powerful proposition in the right hands.

Rule #4. Be Friendly and Professional

Following or applying this rule can be a tough balancing act for many people.  Bear in mind that friendly people make the world go round, so be willing to help others while keeping to your own work demands. Be as professional as possible in your appearance, speech and thought.

Rule #5. Be Hardworking, Enthusiastic and Passionate

Everyone loves the person who brings energy and sheer “va-va-voom”  to the job. Be ready to do what is needed on the job and be ready to sacrifice occasionally. Also, work should not be boring – if it is, you are in the wrong job/wrong firm – food for thought! [Tweet theme=”basic-border”]Work should not be boring – if it is, you are in the wrong job/wrong firm – food for thought! – @segunakiode[/Tweet]

Rule #6. Be Exceptionally Good … at Something

In a knowledge-based organizations of today, it is imperative that for you to acquire an area of specialization early in your career, this would help you go farther. If your goal is to be able to add extra-ordinary value to your job and organization, then there are really only two ways to go: possess extra-ordinary understanding of a particular subject or know how to apply the understanding of others in an extra-ordinary way – and either way,  make sure you deliver consistently exceptional results.

Rule #7: It’s Okay to Be Ambitious

Many people are reluctant to display their ambition in the workplace. This may be due to any number of reasons, including personal or reported experiences (of others) where the display of naked ambition has generated a backlash from superiors or peers. Fortunately, the best organizations are not afraid to hire people who have set definite goals for themselves and who are hoping to achieve those goals with the active help of their employer and colleagues.  However, we should warn you that such organizations are equally demanding of their people, so if you’re thinking of joining one or are already a member, be prepared for an exchange of value.

With hindsight, these ‘rules of success’ has really been beneficial to me in no little way in my career journey till date.

Feel free to drop your questions or comments below and I would be delighted to respond to them.

I wish you all the best in your career journey 🙂

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