7 Benefits Of Effective Social Media Recruiting | #MyPost on @Social_Meep

According to a recent CareerBuilder publication using social media recruiting has a lot of benefits. Highlighted below are the top 7 of such benefits:

1. Better Candidate Quality: social media recruiting brings recruiters/hiring managers to encounter candidates who frequently use social networks are not only tech-savvy, but they can keep up with the trend toward social media. These kinds of candidates are more of loyal fans that can become loyal employees.

2. Better ROI: adopting social media recruiting result in better ROI (return on investment) than that of traditional recruiting as the benefits far exceed its cost.

3. Shorter Time-To-Hire: social media recruiting allows for immediate response across multiple social media channels, so recruiters/hiring managers can fill positions faster, lowering time-to-hire.

The above is an excerpt from my post on SocialMeep.Com titled “7 Benefits Of Effective Social Media Recruiting”. The post was published last week and I had to share with you all today. Click here to read full post…



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