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Many job seekers today fail to secure  job offers due to many factors, a common one being their performances at job interviews where hiring decisions are usually made and looking at the Nigerian economy today, you’ll agree this is a rare opportunity; hence, calls the need for job seekers to do outstandingly well when presented with such opportunities. They must go prepared!

An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee. In the case of a job interview, the interviewer (usually the employer or recruiter) assesses the interviewee (potential employee) on the suitability to do a job or otherwise.

  • A job interview is a game of perception, make a great impression: As a job seeker, the secret sauce to acing any job interview is to make a great impression as fast and deep as you can and leave in a blaze of glory. A Job interview is more of a game of perception than competence sometimes,  the candidate who possess all the skills and qualities employers look out for but who also gives the interviewer a poor impression of himself may not get the job. As a recruiter, I often remember a candidate better by the impression s/he leaves behind even when the job interview is over.
  • Be professionally dressed for any job interview: Wearing a professional attire is very important as you need to dress the part, if you plan to make a great impression. The way you dress for an interview tells a potential employer whether you take the job seriously or not. There is nothing as ‘business casual’ for interviews – sneakers, sandals, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans, too brightly coloured tops or skimpy skirts don’t make good interview attire. The way you dress is the way you would be addressed, be wise!
  • Don’t go for a job interview unprepared: While your résumé gets you the interview opportunity, your performance at the interview  lands you the job, so go prepared. Always have a mind of your own and don’t tell the interviewer ready-made answers from books you have read, speak from your heart. A good interviewer knows the difference. Include in your preparation a research of the company and the role as well. Go prepared!
  • Appear confident, even if you are nervous: it’s alright to be nervous in a job interview,  you are about helping interviewers make a big decision, a good reason to be nervous but make sure your nervousness is not visible to the interviewer. Conquer your fear and don’t look timid to your potential employer. Make eye contact, give a firm hand-shake and remember to be conscientious (show good manners). Of course, appearing confident is easiest when you know what you’re talking about, meaning you are more confident when you are well prepared.
  • A job interview is a Win-win and not a Win-lose: Perhaps the most important of all my points, this is a paradigm shift in the way job seekers view the job interview process. A job interview is not a ‘slaughter slab’ but a conversation, so ask intelligent questions from the interviewer. The same way the potential employer is trying to know your suitability as an employee, you the job seeker should also do same – can you work with this employer? Stop seeing the job interview as a win-lose situation, it is a win-win!

Now you know, go ahead and put these winning job interview strategies to use. And I hope to read your comments/questions in the section provided for it below. All the best 🙂

***This post was written for Jobberman.Com Blog and it was published November 28, 2012. 


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