5 Ways To Find Clarity In Your Career with @EricBHorn [EPISODE 63] #Podcast

On this podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosted Eric B Horn to discuss “5 Ways To Find Clarity In Your Career”

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Eric B. Horn is an author, speaker and trainer in the area of professional development and career management. He has a unique passion for equipping college graduates, mid-level professionals, and business owners who have the desire to WIN in their career.

On this podcast episode,

  • You’ll learn how Eric was able to recover from being downsized in 2009
  • You’ll learn how Eric was able to get clarity in his career after he was downsized
  • You’ll learn how to take control of your career irrespective of where you are in your career journey today

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  1. I learnt a whole lot from this podcast and am going to listen to it again. Thanks Mr Akiode even though you don’t realize it, you are my ‘silent’ mentor both here and in the HR WhatsApp group and i really do appreciate your kind help bringing to us all this rich podcasts.

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