5 Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed

5-reasons-why-you-are-still-unemployed-segunakiodeIn the study of science, physical laws are sets of theoretical principles that are generally accepted, proven scientifically and are universally acceptable. A good example is gravitational law; it is no respecter of geographical location or skin colour; it holds true anywhere on planet earth.

With this in mind, I want to make a statement of fact that so are the principles that govern the job search process globally; they don’t change from place to place, irrespective of economic peculiarity or political irregularity; though they are often modified, the general principles remain intact.

In the world today, there is an intense demand on the government for more job creation. The unemployment rate is increasing geometrically with population increase. But the availability of the jobs seems to be ‘decreasing’ by the day.

On the other hand,  employers are in dire need of employees on a continuous basis but they complain that there is scarcity of quality talents in the labour market, that’s what we call ‘the War of Talent’ in human resources (’The War of Talents’ is a term coined by Steven Hankin of McKinsey Company in 1997).

While we are still waiting for a ‘job creation miracle’ in Nigeria, you as a job seeker must be ready to grab the few vacancies that show-up in daily on both offline and online media.

From my point of view as a Talent Acquisition Specialist or a recruiter, any job seeker that has a mind to win in the talent war must take his/her job search seriously because job searching is a job in itself!  

I am very much passionate about increasing the rate of hires of job seekers in Nigeria. However, the dilemma of most recruiters (like myself) is that we get lots of job openings on a regular basis but find it difficult to find the right fit for the role. So many factors are responsible for these, I must add, a few of which are within your purview job seekers to correct and thereby make them employable by the employer.

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From my experience as a recruiter, the following reasons are why you are still unemployed:

  1. You are looking for ANY JOB: Many people think about their careers and their future in abstract terms. They send an emergency alert: ‘I need a Job’! And you respond with: ‘What type of job are you looking for’ and you get the usual answer – ‘Any job’! You need to get out of the box of thinking that you can do any job. No you cannot! You need to value yourself enough to realize that you cannot do any job. Yes, I know that sometimes society and economy are to blame for many of these anomalies, but must you follow this trend? No, you should not. 
  2. You are Applying for jobs you are NOT qualified for: Recruiters are tired of seeing ‘unqualified’ CVs in the application pool of job opening. It is seen as a waste of time and lack of direction on the part of the job applicant. Also, it reduces your chances of been considered for the job. I know it is now a practice among most job seekers to shoot their CV for everywhere job opening they see but, please I beg you stop it! Do not waste your precious time further. Concentrate rather on those jobs that match your abilities. 
  3. You are submitting the SAME CV for all job openings you apply to: The habit of one CV fits all job openings must be stopped. Always submit a ‘job-specific’ CV for each job opening. That way your CV speaks for you before you are shortlisted for an interview.
  4. You are going for job interviews unprepared: You must know that while your CV gets you the interview opportunity, it is your performance at the interview that would land you the job, so go prepared. Also, always have a mind of your own and don’t tell the interviewer ready-made answers from books you have read but speak from your heart. A good interviewer knows the difference.
  5. You are throwing a pity-party: In the words of my friend, Dr. Tylor in one of his podcasts, he said, “Many carry themselves around like bad news, calling attention to themselves and often throwing ‘pity parties’ in celebration of every failure in their lives. If you always go around with your failures, then you attract more failure. What you celebrate is what you would experience! Constantly look for success in your life and celebrate same. Carry yourself with pride.” Deep insight you would say, right? I can say with all confidence that candidates who do well in interviews leading to a job offer are those who have discovered who they are and share such (their work and life experiences) with enthusiasm and not pity. They don’t look defeated during interviews or celebrate their misery but they celebrate the successes in their careers with confidence, and that’s how they stand out from the crowd! 

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Your failure to correct the above, means you are giving yourself reasons to still be unemployed.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If so, drop a note in the comments section and let the conversation continue… 🙂

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