5 Key Lessons from “The Start-Up of You!” [EPISODE 57] #Podcast #TheStartUpofYou

On Today’s podcast episode, I shared on “5 Key Lessons from the Book – The Start-Up of You!”, this is in response to the question young professionals often ask me that ‘what type of books do I read?’

So my book pick for this podcast episode is The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career” authored by Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder & Chairman) and Ben Casnocha (a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, author, blogger, traveler, and most of all, learner). 

The main aim of the book was to show how to apply the strategies of successful entrepreneurship to your career. In other words, how to run the ‘start-up of you’.

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On this episode, you would learn:

  • That all Humans Are Entrepreneurs: most importantly you have to take your career as a start-up venture!
  • That the traditional career path is dead: you can no longer count on employer-sponsored training, it’s now your job to train and invest in yourself.
  • That the rules of the world of work have changed: please forget what you thought you knew about the world of work. 
  • That the Start-Up of You Mind-Set is Permanent Beta: this is essentially a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth!
  • That you need The Start-Up of You Skill Set in your life: these are real skills involved in becoming the entrepreneur in your own life.

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[bctt tweet=”Permanent beta is essentially a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth!” username=”segunakiode”]

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