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Having a career is like birthing a child. You have to nurse it and watch it grow. And by reflex, you are always thinking, worrying, happy or crying about it.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word career is defined as “a person’s course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)”. It can either be an occupation or a profession.

You will make mistakes in your career. Take my word on this. Those kinds of mistakes you’ll lay on the table and give yourself a good spanking for. Not because you are not smart – far from it – but mostly because you fail to learn from them or find a means to avoid them. Of course, there are some mistakes you can’t foresee even if you were the 3D version of Nostradamus.

But some of these mistakes are easily identified, but are consistently made by many people.

So go ahead, take a failure bow or read through to find out how you can avoid these career mistakes you might regret in years to come.

The above is an excerpt from my post on Jobberman.com Blog titled “5 Common Career Mistakes You Should Avoid” which was published earlier today. Go read it now and let me have your feedback. Read it here…   

Jobberman_April 19, 2013

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