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On this podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosted Tinukemi Olaoye to discuss “How To Create Your Ideal Career”. Tinukemi Olaoye is a Certified Career Coach, a Learning and Development Professional, and a Lawyer. Her personal mission is to inspire, challenge, empower and liberate people to discover and maximise their unique potentials in and through their work. She is the […]

In this podcast episode, I made a compilation of audio answers to the question “What is Your Definition of a Lucrative Job?”. According to Collins Online Dictionary – Lucrative job is job or activity producing a profit or one that is profitable. Synonyms: profitable, rewarding, productive, fruitful. On this episode, you would learn: That perspectives differ […]

In this week’s podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosts Dayo Samuel to discuss “5 Ways Podcasts Can Enhance Your Career”. A podcast is a form of an ‘online radio’. Podcasts as simply episodic online content, which can can either be in audio or video formats. The key word in a podcast is that it is episodic, meaning it […]

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