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Today’s episode of the podcast is a form of admonition topic, it is titled “Take Responsibility for Your Career!” As a recruiter, when I interview candidates, fresh graduates most especially, I often ask them why they picked the courses they studied in their respective tertiary institutions. Why do I ask this question? It is a […]

On today’s episode of the podcast, I shared on – “How To Make Wise Career Decisions“. Many individuals often do not realize that their career decisions are sometimes taken unconsciously. And this trend only gets confirmed during career coaching sessions. When the subject of career decisions or choices comes to mind, one fundamental fact must […]

In this week’s podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosts Tinukemi Olaoye to discuss “The Benefits of Career Coaching”. Tinukemi Olaoye is a Lawyer turned Certified Career Coach, Corporate Trainer and Speaker. On this episode she shares on how she transited from the law profession into career coaching and corporate training. Her decision was based on an “understanding […]

Foreword By Jimi Tewe “Getting a Job is one thing but getting the right job is something very few people actually achieve in life. It seemed clear to me as I read this book that Segun had done his research and combined his experience to deliver a solution that will help thousands of young graduates. […]

This week’s episode of the podcast is titled – “You Need A Career Makeover”. Yes, you read right – you need a career makeover! Considering a few definitions of the word – ‘Makeover’: a makeover is a a complete transformation of the appearance of someone or something; a complete reconstruction and renovation of something; a […]

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