30Jul 2014

Starting in few minutes. #Audacity2Lead twitter hangout with @iamDayoSamuel cc: @iamemekanobis @careerwisenig — Segun Akiode, ACIPM (@segunakiode) July 27, 2014 #Audacity2Lead twitter hangout 2day at 3pm – "Technology & Social Media Meets HR" cc: @iamDayoSamuel @Therapistjones — Segun Akiode, ACIPM (@segunakiode) July 27, 2014 RT @Therapistjones: @iamDayoSamuel @segunakiode is a talent acquisition specialist, […]

03Jul 2014

Mara Mentor is a platform that connects ambitious African entrepreneurs with experienced business leaders. I recently registered on the platform with the singular aim to share knowledge and add value. The except below is from a post I wrote and was published on Mara Mentor.

“Entrepreneurship is more celebrated, studied, and desirable than ever. Business school students flock to courses on entrepreneurship. Policymakers pin their hopes for job creation and economic growth on start-ups rather than on the once-preeminent corporate giants.” – Amar Bhide

You would agree with me that the above words are still very profound now even after over two decades old. We are in the age of the entrepreneur! And nothing else seems to matter, everyone just wants to be an entrepreneur. Every tom, dick and harry is starting a ‘start-up’ and one continues to wonder, is this really the best way out? Is this trend worth following? What must I do to be an entrepreneur?

07Feb 2014

Hello all, while I was doing my social media rounds today, I ‘stumbled’ into @LBSNigeria TL on twitter and I had to share the following insightful tweets with you all. Happy reading 🙂 #MeetTheCEO is an annual event organized by the #SMELogic #SLA of the Lagos Business School #LBSNigeria — LagosBusinessSchool (@LBSNigeria) February 6, 2014 […]

07Jan 2014

Companies count on many resources to make their businesses grow and thrive. While you may rely on cutting-edge technology or industry-standard practices and techniques, the most important component of your company’s success is the people you work with. The skills and talents that such employees bring to the table cannot be replaced easily and the […]

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